500 Istanbul, a micro-fund focusing on Turkish startups within the San Francisco-based 500 Startups, has invested in Peoplise.

This investment is catapulting Peoplise to the next phase, accelerating our global expansion, especially in the UK and US markets.

500 Istanbul started 2017  with a Series A Round investment in Peoplise.

Peoplise, with its innovative digital solutions for recruitment, improves the existing talent acquisition processes, creating a more effective candidate experience. After identifying the candidates within the desired criteria on social media, Peoplise offers a unique, employer branded solution to assess the selected candidates quickly and efficiently with a monthly subscription model.

Companies achieve significant savings due to the optimization. They are accelerating the talent acquisition processes 10 times with social media, analytics and video technologies while still keeping the human-touch.

Our digital platform, has evaluated over 500,000 candidates, serves more than 50 corporate clients, including global giants in various industries. It provides a solution that is complete, intuitive and easy.

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