As you might have read in our previous blog (exciting announcements on new features galore!), we have launched our newest version of Peoplise, and conducted a little experiment on our lovely clients.

We made our clients look at these two gorgeous specimens of humans: Meet Mr.A and Mr.B.

The experiment is based on a simple concept. Humans are biased to associate physical attractiveness with attributes of good character. This is widely used in popular culture; attractive actors usually play the goodies, which further embeds this perception in our cultures.

During the experiment, we have shown both pics for the same amount of time, and asked our clients to associate the pics with three attributes: lazy, successful and trustworthy.

With the help of Neurolize, we have monitored and gathered data for brain activity with EEG, eye movement and facial expression and have come to the following conclusion. Mr. A, defined as the more attractive by our clients, was perceived as successful.  Mr. B, less attractive according to our clients, was associated with being lazy.

Experiment Results

The most surprising outcome was with regards to judgments of trustworthiness though. There was an insignificant difference when it comes to the correlation of attractiveness with trustworthiness. In fact, in some cases there was a negative correlation between attractive and trustworthy.

We know this bias doesn’t come from a place of bad intent. In fact, bias is something that we learn about many years as we walk through life. However, when it comes to recruitment we need to acknowledge our bias and their effects to us, as recruiters.

To actively create a less biased assessment when recruiting our talent, we work hard on our assessment models and evaluation screens. To gather objective data from multiple variables we have created a fit score algorithm to counter balance your unconscious bias. Because whether you know it or not, it is there.

Beauty is the in eyes of the beholder, but recruitment shouldn’t be.

To get the right talent for the right reasons, just Peoplise.

PS: Please share and comment. How do you deal with biases in your company?

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