Hiring the best and brightest is challenging, sometimes even overwhelming.

While candidates can pick and choose from the wide-ranging job offerings, companies started to struggle finding the right talent. According to SHRM’s Talent Landscape report, 68% of HR professionals across industries report challenging recruiting conditions in the current talent market. [1] As if that is not enough, almost half of the UK employers are even expecting a shortage for the permanent roles in the next three months. [2]

Despite this competitive environment, companies still insist to use mainstream methods for their application processes like posting jobs to old fashion career websites or reaching out to contacts within the institutions in their communities. I haven’t even mentioned the process after reaching out to the candidates yet…

I feel there is no real focus on the candidate experience. Candidates are having a hard time to find the jobs that they think they could fit into. While 70 percent of job seekers are looking to apply for a job on a smartphone, only about a quarter of large companies have optimized their hiring process for mobile devices. [3] Even if the candidates find an attractive enough job posting, they get easily turned off by a gazillion click long application forms. Inefficient processes increase their anxiety about their potential work place and unhappy Mondays.

There is certainly a better way of managing the sourcing (on recruiters’ side) and the experience (on candidates’ side).

All these traditional methods focus on one thing: finding people who are actively looking for a job. Yet, there are at least as many in the market who are not actively looking for a job. Considering the competition is only getting tougher, this group has a huge potential. In our fast paced, mobile and all digital world; the key might be growing the first step of the funnel by attracting more talent, and it certainly requires new cutting edge digital methods.

Solution: Social Recruiting!

Social Media could be quite useful to reach those who are not actively looking for jobs. Identifying new talent can be done best in platforms where they spent most of their time. On average, the time spent on digital is a staggering 5,5 hours per day excluding work activities.[4] Social Media has already all the information to understand which job opportunities the passive candidates would be willing to take.

Social Recruiting can also be useful to find people who are like current employees. When companies are happy with their employees and search for new ones, the best starting point would be finding the right fit of talent, just like their current employees. Don’t tell me Facebook has never suggested you a person you might know whom you’ve already met a couple of days ago. Social Media platforms have already proven their matchmaking ability in finding people alike each other. We can use that for social recruiting.

There is also a candidate side of social recruiting. Companies having modern, fun, and engaging recruitment processes offer a unique experience are a few steps ahead of others. When the importance of employer branding keeps growing, social recruiting might serve this purpose.

Social Recruiting has a lot of aspects undiscovered and a huge potential. We shouldn’t be surprised to see companies using Snapchat to take internship applications. Companies will eventually have to meet social recruiting; and it’s always better to be sooner rather than later.

Peoplise can help you to recruit on social media to turn your brand into a social media marketing guru.  Drop us your details and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss further.


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